Online Mastering

Getting your music properly mastered is an essential step, which requires great skill, knowledge and experience. Not to mention quality equipment and monitoring. We have been mastering recordings for commercial release for over 15 years and now it's easier than ever with our Online mastering service. Simply choose your options, pay via PayPal, then upload your mixes. Then, depending on your choice of service, we can deliver your finished masters either as downloadable files, or as a DDP master or audio CDR. Our standard service aims to complete your mastering within 5 to 6 working days but if you need your masters in a hurry, we offer premium services with 48 or even 24 hour turnaround.

Have a listen to some of the before and after examples below, we have real experience in a wide range of genres, from jazz and blues to dance, electronica, rock and pop to classical and folk. Then, be sure to check our list of requirements before sending us your files. If you wish, you can also send us a commercial recording that you like the sound of. This will help us to understand your own personal tastes and we can adjust your mastering accordingly.

If you have any questions about our mastering service or require further information, please feel free to contact us.

Some recent Clients: Regis records, Heritage Records, Sony BMG, Not Now Music, blue dot music, Overhead Wires, EMI Records, Crucial Music, West One Music, Beatbox music, Loopmasters, BBC TV & radio.

…“Wow. What a difference. The music has come alive. Everything just jumps out and hits you. Brilliant. The music is punchy, vibrant and at last, reveals its secrets. Having listened to the music so often in the past few months, the difference is incredible. I hear new subtleties and nuances. Just wish all albums were mastered like this. It's been a pleasure dealing with you. Hopefully, we'll be doing this again. Thanks very much.”…
- Derek Anderson RE: Rodion G.A. “Behind The Curtain - The Lost Album”.

Requirements for Online Mastering

  • Your files must be supplied as WAVs or AIFFs with a resolution of 16-bit or higher, 24-bit is preferable, 44.1kHz or higher sample rate is fine, lower is not!

  • Please do not send data reduced files such as MP3, OGG or Real as these are low quality and cannot be used for mastering.

  • Please do not send tracks with any effects, dithering or processing on the sum channel, such as EQs, compression and limiting. This means no plug-ins on the master out of your DAW, or no processors across the whole master channel. The less you do across the master bus, the more we can work with your mix to achieve better results

  • Please ensure nothing is clipping on your recordings, allow at least 3db headroom.

  • Please do not fade in or fade out your tracks, leave some space before and after as this allows us to apply fades after mastering, which will sound better. If you have a specific idea about how long you would like fades to be, please include a text file along with your tracks detailing this clearly. For songs with endings (no fade outs), we will top and tail appropriately.

  • Feel free to include a reference track with your material, this will give us an idea of how you want your tracks to sound, While our mastering engineer has a wealth of experience with different artists and genres, the reference track helps steer your projects sound in the right direction.

  • Remember, the goal of mastering is to make the best of your mix, not to re-mix your song although obviously if you are supplying stems, some mixing is possible. If you are supplying stems, please make sure they all start at the same place (ie. bar zero) and are all the same sample rate.

  • Finally, remember to select any additional delivery options you require. As standard, we will provide a download of your mastered tracks as WAVs, but other options such as audio CD-R and DDP files are available from the drop down menus.


Please select a turn around time below, for mastering either from stereo mix or stems.

Tell us how many tracks you require mastering at the checkout.

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Mastering Examples

  • Classical & Restoration

  • Folk

  • Jazz

  • Pop

  • Indie Rock

  • Electronic

  1. Before

  2. After

  3. Before

  4. After

  5. Before

  6. After

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  10. After

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